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Sapporo Snow Festival 2018 “PARK AIR”JUMP


“PARK AIR”JUMP There is the large jump hill at Odori 3-chome. This jump hills 24 meters high and 60meters long. During the snow festival, moguls sessions and snowboard competitions is held. You can watch moguls session and snowboard in the city of Sapporo. Official Site Moguls session I went to see a ski mogul session. In this year’s Mogul Session, teen players showed a great jump in the main. And they also showed me jumps with 4, 6, and 8 people like machine guns. Thanks to all the players, for a wonderful jump. Video here  

Projection mapping of Sapporo Snow Festival 2018


Projection mapping 2018 In the Sapporo Snow Festival, you can watch the projection mapping. In 2018, you can watch them at two large snow sculptures: The Great Lecture Hall of Yakushiji Temple,Nara and FINAL FANTASY XIV. FINAL FANTASY XIV:Arctic Armageddon We can see a white appearance in the daytime. It surprises us with plenty of power. After sunset, projection mapping is done there. It’s amazing! Please watch a video. The Great Lecture Hall of Yakushiji Temple,Nara Yakushiji Temple is in Nara Prefecture. The Great Lecture Hall is called “Daikodo”. “Daikodo” is the main hall of Yakushiji Temple. It’s a place for many learned priests to gather and discuss. In 69th […]

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